A Man on a Mission

I love Jesus. I love His Word. And I love His church, His people. The church is His idea, and I’m grateful to be a part of it, flaws and all. Because I have my flaws as well.

And just as I’m a work in progress, so is the rest of the church that Jesus loves. And I feel compelled by the Lord to share some of the things He’s been showing me along the way for the benefit of everyone else on the journey of faith.

Especially for the benefit of my sisters.

God has been working overtime in me for the past few years to correct a wrong that used to be in my soul, a form of misogyny known as patriarchy. I pray that it’s all gone, because I am completely convinced from a purely Biblical standpoint that the source of this wrong is mankind’s fallen nature as shown in Genesis 3:16.

Of course, one of the hallmarks of a curse is that it is almost impossible to get rid of. And in the church that Jesus loves, patriarchy hangs on tightly, too often as official doctrine, under the name “complementarianism.”

I’ve vaguely known about this for a number of years, but not cared enough about “women’s ministry” to look into it all that much. I suppose I thought the sisters could fend for themselves. Well they have been, but it’s not enough. They need their brothers, their Bible-believing conservative brothers to lock arms with them and go to war with them and for them.

Ironically, one of the primary beliefs of my patriarchal brothers (and sisters) is that “defending the women” is one of the characteristics of masculinity. All right then. That’s what this brother is going to do.

This author believes┬áthat that we are now in a modern day reformation period, in which “God is restoring the truth of Biblical equality, liberating and elevating His women to a place of equality with His men.” I agree wholeheartedly. And I intend to do my part.