Standing Up for our Sisters at the Men’s Retreat

I love men’s ministry. I do. Men’s events, be they campouts, retreats, monthly breakfasts, you name it-  are important to the life of a church.  Many men don’t feel at home in the formal atmosphere of many church buildings, and so find it hard to relax and be real. A men’s event often puts guys together in a more relaxed and natural setting, which help bring down the walls that we put up. Men’s events promote camaraderie and true friendship, something many men lack.

On the other hand, men’s ministry has its drawbacks. Women bring many talents to the human mix, and one of them is that they tend to be a mitigating factor against some of the worst behavior of men. Our bad behaviors are well known: arrogance, bravado, posturing, feeling the need to prove our manhood and outperform the other guy. Unleashed and unchecked, our quest for manly honor among our peers can venture into the darkness.

As I’ve already noted, guys like John Piper define manhood by their degree of authority and leadership over women.

Putting that kind of poison in a room with men trying to “man up”  on one another is a recipe for ugliness. The easiest way in the world to score some “man points” with a lot of other men is to engage in some patriarchal bravado. Sadly, this is all too common at men’s events.

And the degree to which the errors of  hierarchical complementarian theology has permeated our church is a good indicator of how badly men will behave in reference to women at times when women aren’t present.

So I was extremely proud of my pastor at the last men’s retreat in his choice of inspirational video. He always picks several clips for the retreat to fire up the men, to encourage us to not be complacent, to go deeper in God, to fight the good fight of faith for our families and others around us. Often they are clips from action movies.  And that first night, his pick was this:

Leon knew he spoke up to the wrong guy, and at this point wanted out of the conversation. So we moved on for the time being. But that conversation opened the door for us to discuss it more fully after the retreat. And we did.

Full disclosure: I was ready for what came from Leon. I didn’t know who would be the bearer of the patriarchal spew on that retreat, but I knew it would come from somebody. It always does. So I made it a point of prayer before the retreat– that God would arm me and equip me to spot the patriarchal nonsense when I saw it, and give me the voice and the words to call it out effectively.

 Because here is the deal, guys: Left unchallenged, things like that enforce the patriarchal darkness left to us by the fall.

Would Leon leave the retreat feeling his misogyny confirmed? Or rather would he leave feeling it challenged? The answer to that question was up to me.

In the past we may have been content to let our sisters fend for themselves in matters like these. We’ve been thinking it’s not our fight. And that is why the church is still mired in patriarchal teaching 2000 years after Christ. Because if all our conversations are clean and pure whenever the sisters are around, there is nothing for them to discuss or oppose. If all the patriarchal speech is out of the sights and ears of the women, patriarchy continues to spread. And so it will be unless the men stand up for our sisters. And this is what we’ve got to do.

A complementarian friend of mine once prefaced a speech in a men’s breakfast, “I can’t say this everywhere but I can say it here in front of you guys,” before he spouted some misogynistic drivel. I let him get away with it that day, but never again. This is what we cannot allow to happen. Because this fight isn’t solely for our sisters to fight. It is ours to fight with them.

As Tauriel said,

It is our fight. “It will not end here. With every victory, this evil will grow! If your father has his way, we will do nothing. We will hide with in our walls, live our lives without light and let darkness descend. Are we not part of this world? Tell me, Mellon, when did we allow evil to become stronger than us?”

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. — Romans 12:21


34 thoughts on “Standing Up for our Sisters at the Men’s Retreat

  1. thank you for not letting patriarchal darkness fester behind closed doors of men’s ministries. thank you for being a male ally extraordinaire. if men only knew how cool that makes you and no less masculine: brave and strong enough to bring the darkness out into the light and not to need anyone else to step back for you to step up. amen and THANK YOU!

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  3. The clip and your take on women and men in the church remind me of something that crossed my mind yesterday. When it comes to the armor of God, women and men wear the same equipment. There is no macho uniform just for men and a gentler outfit for women. It’s armor, and it’s powerful.

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  4. Hi Greg, you show a gift for speaking the truth in love here, with humor and gentleness. As your sister in Christ, I felt valued and honored by what you wrote. Thank you. It provokes in me a desire to honor and value more highly my brothers. I didn’t know I was lacking in this area, but for the first time I can begin to visualize what it could be like in the body of Christ were we to live in a climate of respect and honor for one another. Lightness, belonging, freedom, joy, camaraderie. A lacking of criticism, ingratitude, sarcasm. Preferring one another. Submitting to one another.

    I can see it now. The “battle of the sexes” made for interesting TV, but has no legitimate place in the body of Christ. God’s plans for us are so different and so much higher. In addition to criticism, ingratitude, and sarcasm, my response to this type of “unfairness” has been contentiousness, a divisive spirit, bitterness, and the pride and selfish ambition that desires to always be right and have her own way. Not at all like the attitude of Christ Jesus in Philippians 2. Lord Jesus, I confess these bad attitudes and actions, I thank you for your forgiveness, please change me–that instead I can be forgiving, merciful, encouraging, respectful especially towards my brothers, and to express gratitude for what you have done and are doing through them. Put in me, and in all of your members, the same attitude that you had, Jesus–as stated to us in Philippians 2.

    Greg, thank you and God bless you.


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  6. Have you heard of the HeForShe movement initiated by the UN? It is men standing up for women and not taking the hatred and the snide remarks any longer. Its at


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